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Workplace Wellness Solutions Consultations

Workplace Wellness -what it is

The Workplace Wellness Solutions Consultation is a transformative and enlightening experience that will assess the overall culture of your organization. This experience will focus on people, processes, and culture. More specifically, I will be working directly with your company’s leadership and employees to gain insight on what’s working and what’s not working for the culture of your organization. Areas of the organization that will be assessed may include:

  • Organizational structure/foundation          

  • Employee morale/engagement 

  • Employee turnover

  • Employee onboarding

  • Employee satisfaction 

  • Team dynamics

  • Leadership structure

  • Leadership coaching & development

  • Leadership training

  • Leadership competency

  • Work/life balance

  • Work/life wellness

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Who should receive a Workplace Wellness Solutions Consultation? 

  • Companies who:

    • Have at least two leadership structures (i.e. executive leadership, senior leadership, middle manager, front-line supervisors etc.)

    • Experience high employee turnover rates (costs a company on average $15,000 for every lost employee) 

    • Have high rates of employee absenteeism 

    • Have low employee engagement 

    • Employee & Leadership behaviors do not align with company missions, visions, values, and/or goals

    • Exhbit poor leadership

    • Have employees that express high levels of dissatisfaction

    • Lack clear business vision resulting in disorganized priorities

    • Experience frequent employee conduct-related issues that impact the company’s bottom line

    • Experience frequent employee performance-related issues that impact the company’s bottom line

    • Just know their workplace culture needs a transformation

Who should receive?
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As a result of the Workplace Wellness Solutions Consultation, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive written report identifying aspects of the workplace that's working and not working for leadership, your team, your current workflows/processes, and the work culture

  • Workplace strategies and action step recommendations based on your company's biggest employee satisfaction and workplace culture pain points

  • An actionable solutions roadmap for areas identified as priority pain points for sustainability that aligns with your company’s mission, values, and priorities


You will have a better understanding of:

  • Why your employees think the way they think (values, beliefs, assumptions, thoughts)

  • Why your employees behave the way they behave (behavior)

  • Why your employees are in the positions they are in

*And what that means for your bottom line*

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