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Organization Training Services

Invest in your leaders and employees by adding skills to their “toolbox of growth.”


Training services are designed to build talent, improve on skills, increase productivity, meet organizational goals, and engage leaders and employees in the mission of the organization.


Every organization on the Virginia Peninsula and across Hampton Roads should have a well-thought-out employee training plan from entry to exit for every position within the organization. Employee training services are designed to help develop “people.”

We will help to develop and optimize your organizations' employee development and training programs. This includes new-hire training and beyond! If you're unsure what your organization needs, we can also evaluate your existing training programs and help you enhance your training programs to ensure it aligns with your organization's obectives, create course materials, and provide training facilitation services to train-up your employees to deliver outstanding trainings. 

We offer the following training services: 

Leadership Academy 

Virtual training 

In-Person training 

Curriculum / Course Development 


On topics related to: 

  • Customer Service /Experience

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Leadership Development 

  • Coaching & Feedback 

  • Mental Wellness: Reducing Burnout 

  • Organizational Development 

  • High Performing Teams/ Team Dynamics 

  • Organizational Culture

  • Leadership Awareness 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • And more!

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