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IB Leadership Academy

IB Leadership Academy

Holistically designed for career-driveleaders working in organizations who lead teams of people

So, what is the IB Leadership Academy anyway? 

The IB Leadership Academy is a 7-week live (virtual) transformational learning experience designed to increase your knowledge, build your leadership skills and abilities, and move you from feeling overwhelmed to confident, empowered, and INSPIRED!

The IB Leadership Academy is designed holistically for career-driven leaders who are looking to scale their income, become SEEN in the workplace, and identify their 'supervalue' to become the leader that everyone wants to work for.  

Each 2-hour class will be engaging, interactive, and informative. So come with your cameras on ready to learn, connect, & share your expertise with other like-minded leaders! 


When you enroll in the IB Leadership Academy, you will:  

  • Receive an IB Leadership Academy Welcome Packet that includes a course guidebook, pen & pencil

  • Attend live, virtual 1:1 and group coaching sessions via Zoom and a private slack channel with access to recordings, leadership articles, and ready-to-print and use templates used during the class.  Templates include but not limited to:

    • Stay Interview template 

    • Coaching template 

    • Vision plans 

    • SWOT template

    • Crafting Mission, Vision, Values, statement template

    • Customer Service Philosophy template

    • Policies & Procedures outline 

    • Training Plan outline 

    • Meeting Agenda outline 

  • Attend resume and interview workshops to prepare you for promotions

  • Receive a complete leadership audit with introspective exercises and activities to help you get to the core of who you really are as a leader

  • Receive lessons on mental health and workplace wellness because your mental health matters. Lessons include:        

    • Work/life balance- preventing burnout

    • Addressing MH in the workplace

    • Creating a workplace wellness program 

  • Gain access for 1-year after completion of the academy to learning materials such as leadership articles, leadership/business templates discussed in class, & leadership training recordings

  • Become a part of a cohort of like-minded leaders 

As a result of the IB Leadership Academy, you will:  

  • Identify your unique leader 'supervalue' that will set you apart from other leaders and make other people want to work for you! 

  • Build your confidence as a leader and communicator while seeking promotions

  • Be able to effectively implement leadership and workplace strategies that will cultivate a strong work culture and positive team dynamics 

  • Work less because you aren’t constantly putting out fires, micromanaging, or rebuilding toxic work environments

  • Lead more because your team members understand their role, are actively engaged, and understands how their role impacts the mission, vision, and goals of the company

  • Learn ways to protect your mental well-being while achieving balance in your personal and professional life as you grow your team

All students who complete the academy will receive a diploma. Don't forget to add it to your resume! 

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IB Leadership Academy Curriculum 

Week 1- Self-Discovery 

  • Self-awareness & how it informs leadership & decisions  ~ Learn your DISC® assessment (work style)

  • Create your Development Strategy (personal & leader) ~ Branding & Connecting in the workplace 

Weeks 2 & 3- Team Dynamics

  • Strengthening business foundation (crafting mission, vision, & values statements)  ~ Establishing a customer service philosophy 

  • Identifying team strengths & weaknesses (SWOT) ~ Program & team development (goal-setting, hiring & selection tips, tips for developing a solid training program for onboarding & ongoing development, succession planning)

  • Learn the components of organizational culture to build & sustain a strong work culture ~ Diversity & generational impacts on work culture

Week 4- Understanding & Learning your Leadership Style 

  • Identifying your core values & how that shows up in the workplace & in your leadership style ~ Recognizing your pet peeves & how to still lead others 

  • Learning your core leadership style 

Week 5- Coaching Others 

  • Learn what coaching & feedback is ~ Learn & practice a proven technique to coach others

  • Learn & practice a proven technique to give & receive feedback 

Week 6- Influencing Change

  • Identifying when change is necessary ~ Learning various change models 

  • Practicing effective communication to influence change

Week 7- Mental Wellness: Reducing Burnout 

  • Understanding & recognizing stress & burnout ~ Responsibility Evaluation (identify areas in your life that impacts your well-being & mental health & how that shows up in your personal life & the workplace)

  • Tips on how to reduce burnout for yourself & your team ~ Tips on self-care & wellness

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If you are an internally motivated and career-driven leader looking to sharpen your leadership competencies so that you become more marketable as you climb the corporate leadership ladder...then this leadership academy is for YOU!

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