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"Ladonna Stone of Inspired Beliefs, LLC provided an excellent workshop on “Self Awareness: Who Am I.” Not only was it thought-provoking, but we were provided with tools and concepts to build upon going forward. It was a great investment. LaDonna you are definitely working in your gift!"


"Reflecting back when I attended Inspired Beliefs, LLC part 1: Who am I ? Seminar. We did an activity on our personality traits in which reflects how we act in our personal and professional lives. This activity made you self reflect on the type of person you are and how others view you. The upward head picture are some of my personality traits and the downward head picture are my stress triggers. This first class was an excellent stepping stone to aid in the next 5 sessions in being the best Leader you can be. Can’t wait to partake in the next upcoming workshops."


"Ms. Stone has earned her name because she is solid as a ROCK! Period. Don’t believe me, book a consultation and she will promptly get you and your business all the way together. She was one of the first professionals I contacting when deciding to start my own outpatient practice. Ms. Stone’s patience, attention to detail, and genuine concern for the success of not only your business, but your life in general, is what sets her apart from the rest. With Inspired Beliefs, LLC, you are not only investing in your business, you are investing in your purpose! Five stars just is not enough."


"Thoroughly enjoyed my “Self Awareness: Who Am I?” training session today! I learned more about myself today which will definitely help me in my personal life and make me a better leader at work. In addition to the amazing presentation given by the owner/facilitator Ladonna Stone it was also nice to give and receive insightful information and hear different perspectives from other attendees. Inspired Beliefs, LLC will definitely be a part of my journey to continual self-development!"


Inspired Beliefs is amazing! I’ve attended several leadership seminars over the years and they just get better and better. If you’re looking for a wealth of knowledge, empowerment, motivation, and a few giggles in the process, this is for you! I must warn you, once you see how great the services are, you’ll want to come back so keep checking for updates!


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