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How to effectively lead when you don't like who you're leading

How many times did you read that? Yea, you read it right!

Just because you are in a leadership role does not mean you will always like who you are leading. So, what happens when you come to that realization?

Often times, you’re not in an environment where you have a leader or mentor you can talk to about it. So, you just sit with it. Probably feeling bad that you are thinking this way, let alone feeling it. But I guarantee you are not alone.

If this is you (even if it’s not and you just want to hear more), tune in on my Linkedin page for an Exclusive 4-night Business Live Series!

We'll talk about how workplace culture plays a big part in how we view ourselves, our capabilities and how we view those we lead. We'll also get into a tug-of-war discussion of 'it's them, not me.' This should be interesting! We'll then take it back to the basics by uncovering basic leadership tips and finally, uncovering the transformation of how to effectively lead those we simply do not like :)

The series will kick off on Monday Nov 28th at 8:30p EST / 5:30p PST. Click on the link to join

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