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IB Leadership Academy is Back!

The Spring 2023 IB Leadership Academy Spring Cohort opens on Friday, January 6, 2023!!! *insert social media dance*⁠

The IB Leadership Academy is a 7-week, live, leadership academy designed holistically for career-driven leaders who are looking to scale their income, become SEEN in the workplace, and identify their 'supervalue' to become the leader that everyone wants to work for. ⁠

When you enroll in the IB Leadership Academy you will: ⁠

💫Receive 1:1 and group coaching sessions via Zoom and a private slack channel with access to a course guidebook with all lessons, recordings, leadership articles, and ready-to-print and use templates used during the class⁠

💫Identify your unique leader 'supervalue' that will set you apart from other leaders⁠

💫Gain access for 1-year after completion of the academy to learning materials such as leadership articles, leadership/business templates discussed in class, & leadership training recordings⁠

💫Attend resume and interview workshops to prepare you for promotions YOU WILL GET!⁠

💫Receive a complete leadership audit with introspective exercises and activities to help you get to the core of who you really are as a leader⁠

💫Built-in lessons on mental health and workplace wellness because your mental health matters⁠


💥A shift in mindset to that of a truly gifted leader⁠

💥An encouraging but 'tell it like it is' environment to expand your skill set & leadership competencies ⁠

💥An 'aha' moment as you recognize your leader 'supervalue'⁠

Sounds interesting? Click on the link to be one of the first to apply!

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