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Building and maintaining team morale during a national pandemic

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Published in Inside Business Journal

Building team morale is not something that leaders “just do.” It is something that leaders should incorporate into every facet of their job starting from the time a leader hires a new employee or begins leading a new employee until either person leaves the team.

Building and maintaining team morale is a conscious effort that becomes unconscious to the leader that has been able to incorporate it in the way that they lead and as a way of doing business. Team morale is necessary because a positive team dynamic is more likely to result in engaged and productive employees whereas a negative team dynamic leads to poor communication, silos, mistakes, and ultimately turnover. Employers need teams who are engaged despite any chaos around them, and this is especially true during a national pandemic.

So how do we as leaders build strong teams and foster positive team morale during a pandemic?

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