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Can we talk about it? Addressing sensitive topics in the workplace

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Published in Inside Business Journal

I recently had a heartfelt conversation with a colleague turned friend regarding another pandemic the world is facing: racial and social injustice against the black community.

My friend shared how her place of employment has consistently shared information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic to include weekly meetings and check-ins. What she said is not happening are check-ins and meetings about the well-being of the employees and the clients they serve, regarding the most recent death of George Floyd, a black man killed by a cop.

This ongoing pandemic of racial and social injustice against the black community takes an emotional and mental toll on this community; further oppressing them. For the black community, we see and experience situations such as this much too frequently that, unfortunately, it has become a common occurrence, forcing this to be our reality. My friend, a black female licensed clinical social worker raising black children to include a young black male, is not OK. I am a black mother raising a black son; I am not OK. The black community is not OK. We are not OK.

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